Vanuatu and Cyclone Pam; a postscript from Reflections

In a startling coincidence, following my talk last Thursday, Vanuatu has had its most news-worthy weekend ever following the widespread damage caused by Cyclone Pam last weekend. It was certainly strange, having gone through all my photos and memories to prepare for the talk, to see locations that I’d spent time in splashed all over the UK media, although barely recognisable following 150mph winds which destroyed many buildings, crops and vegetation.

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Lessons from Auschwitz

On Thursday 5th February, along with Mr Winterburn, we were fortunate enough to visit the town of Oswiecim in Poland located about thirty miles west of the city of Krakow. Whilst unfamiliar to most, the land surrounding the town became host to mass murder of 1,100,000 Jews, Romani, Slavs, homosexuals, Russian POWs and various other minorities under the Nazi regime. It is better known by its Germanic name; Auschwitz.

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“‘Twas the night before Christmas, and at Radnor House…

Not much was stirring, ‘cept for the clicking of a mouse”


Taking inspiration from our esteemed Head’s end of term address, as well as some very basic pedagogical instruction, I thought I’d begin the final blog of this with a starter activity to get you hooked.

So, match up these numbers with their corresponding designation.

9                             Words blogged

13                           Hours study (in theory!) 

65                           Tweets from @radnorsixth

260                         Christmas references shamelessly crow-barred

387                         School days this term

520                         Weeks this academic year 

3461                       AS lessons per L6 student

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‘To wake the soul by tender strokes of art…

…To raise the genius, and to mend the heart’

Leaning back in my seat and glancing up to the gods, my eyes alighted on the title phrase and I thought to myself, “What a wonderful quote.” Sadly, my next thought was “Wouldn’t that be a good line to open this week’s blog about enrichment opportunities with?” but it’s proved a pretty handy intro and hopefully you’ll be reading on…

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